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Speaking & Trainings

Trainings for therapists, educators, churches, or groups on topics related to trauma. CE’s available.


Coaching & Education

One on one coaching sessions to help individuals understand stress and trauma in their body, equip them with tools to navigate life, and foster post traumatic growth.


Therapeutic Yoga

Group and private yoga classes focused on physical and mental health, supporting overall wellbeing.



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Ginny in Garden

Ginny Witte, PhD

Dr. Witte is a local trauma expert who has trained hundreds of therapists, educators, and groups on important topics related to trauma. Through her years of work in the field of trauma she has felt that trauma must be addressed in the families, communities, and societies where we live. She believes that we all need to understand what trauma is, and how as individuals and communities we can support healthy relationships. Together we can support those living with trauma and further avoid manifesting trauma in our communities.

While continuing her work with individuals she is now expanding her work to the community; informing, connecting, and inspiring change so we can address trauma together. There is a place for everyone to be involved. Please consider joining this important mission.


What is trauma INFORMED?

We all experience traumatic events. However, not all traumatic experiences become trauma. Join us to learn what trauma is, the impact of trauma on each of us individually and collectively, what we can do to prevent trauma and how we can help individuals heal and prosper.

Together we are stronger.

What People Are Saying

Dr. Witte helped prepare our teachers to meet trauma with understanding and sensitivity. Her teaching and focus on neural development and trauma
sensitive skills provided a better understanding of students with trauma histories.


Lower Elementary Dean, Knapp Charter Academy

The Professional Development Training Dr. Witte gave at our school was excellent. The information was timely, useful, and researched-based. She provided a variety of engaging activities that could be immediately implemented in our classrooms. Dr. Witte guided us as we evaluated our program and strategically planned for the future.

Teacher, NorthPointe Christian Schools

I have taken private yoga lessons via zoom with Ginny for the past several months and am enjoying it immensely. Ginny is very knowledgeable, kind and patient. If I am doing a pose or stretch incorrectly she shows me how to do it the correct way. Ginny always explains the purpose and benefit of the various exercises.Ginny teaches a variety of classes and I highly recommend her.

Yoga Student

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OUR Mission

To foster healthy and resilient communities where all people can heal and thrive through connection, education, resources, and combined effort.

Come join me on this journey and become trauma informed

It is my mission to share what research tells us about what trauma is and how it affects daily life!